Another Civil Rights Issue

I have seen statistics that provide a far stronger case for egregious profiling than the recent targets of the Justice Department, and I don’t understand why they are not addressing it first. It involves many more people than racial profiling and it has been ongoing across the country for as long as we have been keeping records.

How could anyone have failed to notice the targeting of males by police and their unfair treatment in the criminal justice system? In every jurisdiction, more males are pulled over by police; vastly more males than females are charged with crimes; and more than 90% of our prison population is male. This is true even though less than half the population is male in almost every area. For almost all crimes, males receive more punitive sentences than females even when the crime and the circumstances are essentially the same. When a policeman sees suspicious activity and both males and females are present, the treatment of males is usually more aggressive and police shooting incidents almost always involve males. Listen surreptitiously in any police station and you will hear obviously biased statements about the criminal behavior of males.

There is no persuasive evidence that males have a more criminal nature than females. However, this is often assumed through a circular reasoning based on the above statistics. This is entirely analogous to the case for African-Americans, so that black males are doubly discriminated against.

So, don’t you think we should do something about this evil behavior that stigmatizes a vulnerable minority? Males everywhere should speak up and demand equal treatment. We shouldn’t stop until the number of males and females who are incarcerated is more consistent with their proportions in the general public.

Happy April Fool’s Day, all!