Our Changing Society

RTX5CGJ-1024x695We know from various statistics that the U.S. population is changing — rapidly. This picture tells the tale. It show President Obama addressing students at Dartmouth College. This is an Ivy League school generally catering to the elite. This is not a selected group. Look at the faces. When I was at college, many years ago at another elite school, essentially every face was white and it seemed unremarkable to me. I have read that within 40-50 years nearly two-thirds of American children will be non-white.

How do you imagine this will change us? For example, do you think that the current effective separation of the races will continue but with whites being the ones in enclaves? Or will this finally, at long last break down and we truly become an integrated nation? I’m an optimist, so I hope this comes about while I live to enjoy it.