Airline Cattle Class

SqueezedThis is an actual picture of what we will shortly face on the big air carriers. They have already pared down the leg room. Now they plan to reduce seat width enough to add one more seat per row in a wide-body jet. This shows a normal-sized man. Well not really, since obesity is rampant, so use your imagination. Actually this lucky traveler has nabbed the prized exit aisle seat. At least he can stretch his legs and no one is compressing him from the front by reclining his seat back. But look at how thin the seat arms are. I suppose the first one seated get the armrest, such as it is.

On second glance, perhaps this is actually an upgraded class. Those nice pillows are almost certainly not provided in cattle class, at least not for free.

suitslaughingTo cap this off, the new seating arrangement is mainly being deployed on the really large aircraft that are used for long distance flights. So this is what the victims will endure for hours and hours. I am trying to visualize the board of directors as they considered this change. Are they just good businessmen making necessary changes to maintain profitability or are they actually sadists? I think the jury is out on this one.