“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

It is late in the evening. President Obama retires to his White House quarters after yet another stressful day. Over an aged single-malt whisky, he ponders the future beyond current concerns. His thoughts turn to the coming election, which seems somewhat promising in spite of Hillary’s travails. But what would this mean for him and his legacy? He drops off into fitful sleep as these thoughts are echoed in his dreams.

It is two weeks hence. Vice President Joe Biden announces that he is in the race, and he also announces that he will serve only one term as is widely rumored. But the real blockbuster is that he has picked Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate and that she has agreed. Furthermore he says that he will give major responsibility to Warren over domestic affairs, while he will concentrate on foreign affairs and overall concerns. He speaks with great feeling about his long experience on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and his close relationship with Congressional colleagues. The unspoken plan is that this will position Warren well to run as his successor in 2020.


Shortly after this announcement, Sen. Bernie Sanders announces that this is a ticket he can back, ends his candidacy, and throws his support wholeheartedly to the Biden/Warren team. A cabinet position for him is reported to be likely, probably either Labor or Education.

Obama goes before the national press and breaks his silence on the coming election. He speaks with the eloquence of old about his trust in Biden and urges his supporters to support him, offering his help in any way that he can consistent with his continuing responsibilities.

A complete steamroller is created. All other Democratic candidates except Hillary promptly end their campaigns. She fights gamely on but the polls make the end result obvious, especially as women see their hopes better realized through the charismatic Warren. Hillary capitulates before the first primary. The Republicans feel that a desperate move is needed. They reluctantly coalesce behind the team of Trump/Fiorina, which is the only ticket that polls at all plausibly against Biden/Warren. The election turns out to be the biggest Democratic landslide since Johnson vs. Goldwater, and both houses of Congress go to Democratic control.

A slight smile comes over the sleeping President’s face and all concerns are washed away, if only for one night.