President Trump’s Administration


It is no longer unthinkable. Donald Trump is now the odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination for President. While his likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, should be favored, I can no longer discount the possibility that the wily, bombastic entrepreneur could emerge victorious. So, I thought I might take a shot at forecasting what a Trump Administration might look like. I have no clue whether my personnel selections would accept their nominations, but their public positions and accomplishments seem appropriate to Trump’s goals and priorities. First, we have the cabinet.

  • State Department: John Bolton
  • Treasury Department: Peter Schiff
  • Department of Justice: Rep. Trey Gowdy
  • War Department (restored name of Defense): Gen. Jack Keane
  • Homeland Security: Rudy Giuliani
  • Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson
  • Energy Department: Sarah Palin
  • Interior Department (see below): Scott Walker
  • Transportation Department: Travis Kalanick
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Jim Webb
  • Education Department: (disbanded)
  • Labor Department: (disbanded)
  • Commerce Department: (disbanded)
  • Agriculture Department: (disbanded)
  • Housing and Urban Development: (disbanded)
  • Religion and Moral Affairs (new department): Mike Huckabee

Some agencies in the disbanded departments, like the Census Bureau and Food Safety and Inspection Service, are retained and moved into an enlarged and reinvigorated Interior Department. Also, some current funding of projects and organizations under these departments is retained as block grants to the states. The Transportation Department is also a candidate for termination and absorption into Interior.

With Republican control of the Senate in doubt, sitting Republican Senators are probably off the table for a Trump administration. However, a sly move might be to retain the disbanded departments as Potemkin Villages and to offer their positions to vulnerable Democratic Senators.

There are several White House positions that hold the status of Cabinet-rank. This is under the discretion of the President and changes or additions may occur.

  • White House Chief of Staff: Corey Lewandowski
  • Director, Office of Management & Budget: David Stockman
  • United States Trade Representative: President Donald Trump
  • Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors: Lawrence Kudlow
  • Head, Small Business Administration: Juanita Duggan
  • Head, Environmental Protection Agency: (position terminated)
  • Ambassador to the United Nations: (position terminated)

Ivanka Trump is a wild-card choice for Chief of Staff. She certainly has her father’s confidence but he probably would need her to run the family business enterprises in his absence. The EPA will be disbanded. Our United Nations membership will be ended and the UN will be ordered to leave US soil as soon as alternative siting can be found. NASA will be auctioned off to private industry. The IRS will eventually contract into a minor clerical activity in the Treasury Department when the flat tax is fully implemented. The nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court will be Maryanne Trump Barry, President Trump’s older sister. She is eminently qualified and is known to be a favorite of retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.