Politics Through The Looking Glass

bonkersI have been recording my thoughts about this political season for a while now, and I have had an epiphany. I must be mad as a hatter. Most voters seem to take these shenanigans seriously and believe that one of the leading candidates could actually run our country. So, what other explanation is there for why I swing between hysterical laughter and a feeling of doom. Trump, Sanders, Cruz … come on, really? I suppose Hillary might manage a creditable job if she can avoid Leavenworth Federal Prison.


Sanders has just released his plan for funding his socialist paradise. You can read it here. If you are dead center of the income spectrum (pun intended), then your taxes go up an average of $4,700 a year. Capital gains taxes will triple. But it’s all in a good cause, isn’t it? Bernie used to claim that it would be at worst a wash for those he cares about because of the accrued benefits. And screw those he doesn’t!

Republicans fall back on discredited supply side economics to claim that rising incomes and hence rising taxes will pay for what little government they deem necessary. Closing down government seems a reasonable form of discipline to many of them.


In an odd way, Trump and his supporters have it right. The entire political class are a bunch of idiots when it comes to economics. Maybe we really do need someone who has met a payroll to straighten things out. Too bad the only one on offer seems to be a combination of Mussolini and Groucho Marx.