The Republican Dilemma

The self-appointed Republican establishment is desperately trying to stop Donald Trump from winning their nomination for President. They try different candidates and alternative ploys, but nothing seems to work. Their last hope is clearly a brokered convention where they finally have the power to repudiate their voters’ choice.

Read that last line again. Don’t you think there is something passing strange about it? Essentially they are saying something like, “We must save our party from the person who seems to be the overwhelming choice of our voters. Let’s gather our forces and defeat him … and them.” How can this be a good plan? They might get another nominee, but how likely is it that they will also hold on to Trump’s devoted followers?


I can see why they are on this path of self-destruction. Many of Trump’s economic policies are somewhat to the left of Bernie Sanders. He scorns our current international trade pacts; he proposes heavy excise taxes to protect homegrown manufacturing jobs; and he has draconian policies for preventing companies from offshoring jobs or profits. These are beyond even Bernie’s fondest dreams. His foreign policy refutes the central theme of the neo-conservatives who dominate this arena for the GOP. He views our recent adventures in the Middle East that these neo-cons support as misguided and possibly criminally stupid. Moreover his disinterest in orthodox Republican social policy must be at least aggravating. Paying compliments to Planned Parenthood was likely the last straw.

Compounding all this is Trump’s politically unorthodox personality. It most closely resembles the African warthog: industrious, brave, blunt and cranky. This unprepossessing animal should be his campaign mascot. Not incidentally, their collective term is a revolt of warthogs. He is the antithesis of a Republican politician, and many voters seem to be entranced.

anyone_but_hillary_buttonEssentially, Trump is now pretty much the only game in town for his adopted party. If he gets the nomination, it will be amusing to watch mainstream Republicans of all stripes contorting themselves into postures of support. The best they can probably do is to pin this campaign button to the chests of their dispirited followers.

Looking at all of the surviving candidates for President this time, in both parties, I have an alternative banner for us to seriously consider. What if they held an election and no one came?



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