In Honor of Hilaria

It is time for my annual celebration of this day for harmless pranks and jokes. Some might say that it seems like every day is All Fool’s Day if you are watching our Presidential contest. But harmless? I doubt it. Still, perhaps this might lighten your mood.

I am sure that many of you have seen photos or videos on the web of unusual animal companions. The compulsion to give and receive comfort is universal and we should not be surprised that it isn’t restricted to humans. But when the association is between predator and prey or between vastly different animals, it is still amazing. Look at this odd pairing. And no, Simba isn’t just taking a preliminary taste. They really are longtime buddies.


Next, you may have to look closely to notice the stranger in the midst of this colony of meerkats. Make no mistake, these adorable little mammals of the Kalahari have a mean streak and are very territorial.


Well, I have one more to offer, almost as unusual even though both are arguably of the same species. Do you think Laura and Bill have reason to be concerned?