The Indiana Bellwether

KickstarterCover_4x3No place is more middle-America than Indiana — geographically, demographically, and every other “…ally”. In fact, one city in Indiana is almost perfect in predicting the results of presidential elections. Since 1888, Terre Haute and surrounding Vigo County have voted for the winning candidate in every presidential election except two — 30 out of 32 elections. They haven’t missed in 60 years. No other place in America comes close.

This week, almost 54% of Indiana voters supported one of the two political wing nuts, Trump or Sanders. This is no aberration. People have been saying for years that they are fed up with Washington but none of the politicians or pundits thought they really meant it. The saying goes that everyone hates all politicians … except for their own, their Senator or Representative. Good luck with that comfortable perception now!

Hillary had better be careful. She gives little evidence that she has understood the message and the new reality. She has been mouthing the words, under Bernie’s pressure, but I suspect she has been planning the usual swing to the center in the coming contest against Trump. I really believe that won’t work this time. If she appears to waver, the unthinkable could really happen. It might happen anyway. Hillary is the epitome of the Democratic establishment and she has a big target painted on her back. I suspect that she is not nearly as adept a politician as these times require. We may get some early evidence one way or the other from her VP selection.

Talk about wild cards! We have the first female nominee against the first political novice. I exclude military men, since high military office requires major political skills. For the first time, not just one but both finalists are the most disliked among all of the original contestants. It will be “Anyone but Hillary” versus “Anyone but Trump”.