“The game’s afoot!”

I love it! Today there is yet more evidence that we are all living in a reality TV show. Do you remember The Truman Show?


FBI Directory James Comey just wrote a letter to Congress saying that they have discovered new emails pertinent to the Clinton email server investigation and thus the FBI is reopening this case. Republicans of course are jumping all over this. Scant minutes after the letter became public, Trump exclaimed to an avid crowd that “Finally, justice will be served!” Meanwhile back at Hillary’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, press communication came to a halt as they considered what to say and do now. Is this the real October surprise instead of the prior one, the skyrocketing Obamacare costs?

You couldn’t write a better script for keeping up the tension. But in all likelihood these emails won’t add anything new. The ever-meticulous Comey may simply be making good on his promise to keep Congress apprised of everything no matter how trivial. At most they might add to the number of classified documents that Hillary mishandled, but who cares? Comey has already said that Hillary broke the law, but the necessary element of intent couldn’t be proven. But what if these emails contain the proverbial smoking gun? Wowie!

In any case, that couldn’t happen soon. The investigation process is necessarily lengthy and it is very unlikely to be completed in just a few days. If it did finish before the election that would indeed be a surprise. But what if Comey made an announcement that he is reversing his recommendation concerning criminal prosecution close to or even on Election Day? If I were writing the script for our reality show, that would be my plot device.

Alternatively, what if this happened in December, with the Clinton transition team in full gear and with Hillary busily interviewing prospective cabinet appointees? This would no doubt all be settled out of court, but I would expect a serious attempt at impeachment. Is it possible to impeach a President-elect before the swearing-in ceremony? I haven’t researched this arcane Constitutional trivia, but I suspect not.

Like I said, it seems increasingly likely that we are just characters in a massive soap opera. I just hope its denouement isn’t like Conundrum, the famous finale of the TV series Dallas.

Edit: The NY Times is now reporting that these new emails were found in the unrelated Anthony Weiner sexting investigation. Yes, the Big Weinie! The tie-in undoubtedly is through his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, who is Hillary’s closest confidant and long-time aide. I must say I am impressed with how the script writers of our reality show tie-in hanging plot lines.