The Senatorial Comedy Show

Today the Senate is considering the nomination of Rod Rosenstein for Deputy Attorney General of the United States. Ordinarily this would be a low-key process. However, due to Attorney General Sessions’ recusal, Rosenstein will be in charge of the investigation of Russian election tampering. So the gloves are off. Democrats smell blood. Here is a brief snippet from the Judiciary Committee meeting. It isn’t verbatim but it’s close.

Sen. Feinstein: “Do you agree that this issue is important enough to require a Special Counsel?

Rosenstein: “All I know about this matter is what I read in the newspapers, but if I am confirmed I will give the matter an independent review.

Sen. Feinstein (obviously annoyed): “Well this is important. I want you to review the relevant transcripts so that you can answer this question.

Rosenstein (after awkward pause): “Senator, I am presently the U.S. District Attorney for Maryland. I don’t have access to these materials, nor do I have the necessary security clearances to read them.

Sen. Feinstein: “Oops.

And it went downhill from there.